Saturday, September 28, 2013


Bike / Spagetti
7" - Chrysalis CHS-2667 - 1982.

Google the name Daniel Kleinman and you'll find lots of info on James Bond title sequences but very little about his time with Bazooka Joe on the 70's pub/college circuit or this Nogoodniks record. 'Bike' was produced by Adam Ant (another ex Bazooka Joe) with his sidekick Marco Pirroni under the alias Marc Antony, and also sports an Ant Music Ltd publishing credit. All of which seems to have enhanced the record's collectability, though 'Bike' is a decent quirky new wave tune in it's own right. Adam Ant on backing vocals say those in the know and after hearing the record you wouldn't rule it out. Among the Nogoodniks were Raggy Lewis (Stukas/Autographs) and Daniel's brother Matthew (The Method).

This does have a picture sleeve, mine doesn't unfortunately, but it was cheap. Can anyone help with 300dpi scans of the front and back?

Danny And The Nogoodniks - Bike


Anonymous said...

Hi James,
Here's the scans of the record in case you haven't them yet. Great 45!
Mike Ether

James Trash said...

Thanks Mike! The only copy I've seen of this with a picture sleeve was a bit overpriced. This helps for now.