Saturday, September 28, 2013


Bike / Spagetti
7" - Chrysalis CHS-2667 - 1982.

Google the name Daniel Kleinman and you'll find lots of info on James Bond title sequences but very little about his time with Bazooka Joe on the 70's pub/college circuit or this Nogoodniks record. 'Bike' was produced by Adam Ant (another ex Bazooka Joe) with his sidekick Marco Pirroni under the alias Marc Antony, and also sports an Ant Music Ltd publishing credit. All of which seems to have enhanced the record's collectability, though 'Bike' is a decent quirky new wave tune in it's own right. Adam Ant on backing vocals say those in the know and after hearing the record you wouldn't rule it out. Among the Nogoodniks were Raggy Lewis (Stukas/Autographs) and Daniel's brother Matthew (The Method).

This does have a picture sleeve, mine doesn't unfortunately, but it was cheap. Can anyone help with 300dpi scans of the front and back?

Danny And The Nogoodniks - Bike

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Albino / Where Is The Hamburger Relish / It Takes A Worried Girl
7" - Union City SNICK-1 - 1986.

The Dragsters from Greenock leaned more towards the punk end of the mid-80's Scottish indie boom. 'Albino' was the first of three singles the band made all on the Union City label and brought them comparisons with the Ramones and heavy airplay on Janice Long's Radio One show. David Keegan of the Shop Assistants produced this single and another Edinburgh based indiepop legend Margerita Vasquez Ponte sang backing vocals on 'It Takes A Worried Girl'.

The Dragsters - Albino

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I Believe / It Isn't Me
7" - DJM DJS-10915 - 1979.

Slaughter And The Dogs gone soft! Well that was the general opinion of the music critics back when this Mike Rossi fronted band briefly appeared back in 1979. Truth is, it's not a whole lot different to what went before. So there's the airbrushed image and a more radio friendly sound (though not radio friendly enough for the BBC), but it still packs a punch and the B-side could easily slot into 'Do It Dog Style'. A failed attempt at becoming pop stars, but it's a great record and that's what really matters.

Studio Sweethearts - I Believe

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

TOMMY TRASH - 'I'm A Disgrace'

I'm A Disgrace / Why Not
7" - Sound Patterns SP-9171 - 1983 (USA).

This one's a bit outside the usual Worthless Trash hunting ground, Detroit Michigan to be precise. Information on Tommy Trash is non-existent I'm afraid, even those in the know across the Atlantic are saying nothing except that other Tommy Trash records are a bit hit and miss. Definitely no need for any quality control check on this excellent punk'n'roll nugget that sounds much more late 70's than 1983. A bit of a Johnny Palermo vibe, more laid back but a little snottier. Nice B-side too.

Tommy Trash - I'm A Disgrace

Friday, August 02, 2013

MODERN ROMANCE - 'Modern Romance'

Modern Romance / I Believe In Me
7" - WEA K-18329 - 1980

Yeah I know, Modern Romance... WTF? But before you hit the back button, let me point out at this stage this was still the same band as late period Leyton Buzzards. Musically it's a mix of new wave and pop much like the Buzzards were experimenting with on their January 1980 Peel Session. The A-side is perhaps more pop than new wave but it's still worth a listen. The excellent B-side however is more upbeat, think 'Weird Frenz' with a bigger budget.

If anyone is hoping to pick up a copy of this record, there's good and bad news. The good news is it's Modern Romance so it would likely be dirt cheap. The bad news is it's near impossible to find.

Modern Romance - I Believe In Me